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Why I Stopped Paying For Ads For My Online Store
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Like many other business owners I ran ads for my online store hoping to drive not only traffic but paying customers to my site. Unfortunately, after several months of spending money I didn’t get good results. Oh yes, I drove traffic to my store but only a tiny fraction of the visitors actually bought something. Nearing the beginning of 2022 I decided to change methods. Here’s why I stopped paying for ads for my online store.

Reason #1 Why I Stopped Paying For Ads: The ROI Was Too Low

The first reason why I stopped paying for ads for my online store is that the Return On Investment (ROI) was too low. ROI is ” a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.”

I bought ads through Google, which has a great dashboard and reporting feature to view the performance of your campaigns. I reviewed daily reports to see how well or not well my ads did. If a particular campaign performed worse than another I would tweak it. Sometimes certain campaigns didn’t work well at all no matter what I did. Competitions is fierce when it comes to advertising.

However, I didn’t let that bother me and I continued to learn how to improve my advertising skills. Although i was able to learn quite a bit, my ROI results were poor. I would see an increase in traffic to my store but those visitors didn’t convert into paying customers. Sometimes they wouldn’t even browse my site, only stayin gon the homepage or the particular page I directed them to via the ad.

Why was this? Maybe the picture in my ad caught the visitors’ attention and they clicked on the ad to visit. Or the name of my business was interesting. Whatever the case they clicked but didn’t buy anything.

Reason #2 Why I Stopped Paying For Ads: I Couldn’t Increase My Budget

The second reason why I stopped paying for ads is because I couldn’t afford to increase my budget. Thus, I couldn’t compete in the crowded market.

As many new small businesses my revenue is low. Although I had savings I used to startup the company, I needed to use them frugally. Hence, my low advertising budget. I knew I could get more visitors to my site if I spent more money but advertising costs increase fast. Just spending $5 a day on search ads for one campaign would cost $150 minimum a month. Usually I ran two campaigns at a time.

Finally, when I saw the charges on my credit card and the low sales that came from those campaigns I shook my head. I think I’m not the only business owner going through this. Yes, I know advertising has its use but at what cost? I read about successful owners spending thousands, if not millions, on ads per month to stay competitive. That’s wild to me.

What I Do Now

What I do now to attract more visitors to my store is to write interesting blog posts. I want to provide worth to my visitors by providing tips and funny posts. So far that is working. I’m seeing more organic traffic coming into my site to view my articles.

In addition to that tactic, I’m advertising my products more when I make YouTube videos. Wearing my t-shirts in my videos is pushing more sales so I’m going ot do that more often. Eventually I will include other accessories I sell like magnets, stickers, and mugs.

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