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Why I Love Pork Chops
why i love pork chops | various pork chops


Here’s why I love pork chops: They are an inexpensive way to enjoy the wonderful taste of pork for you and your family, and there are so many ways to cook them. Here’s a few ways how I prepare and cook this cut.

Reason #1 Why I Love Pork Chops: They’re Easy To Fry

The first reason I love pork chops because it’s an easy cut of meat to fry up. This method works best if the chops are thin. Since I’m a Southerner I grew up with deep-fried pork chops, but that isn’t the best way to cook them. Mostly because most deep-fryers now use seed oils like soybean or vegetable to fry everything with. And those oils are totally unhealthy for us.

Rather than deep-fry them I like to fry my chops in grass-fed butter, coconut oil, or even avocado oil. These choices are better even though the smoke points are different. Butter is gong to have the lowest smoke point unless you use ghee. However, coconut and avocado oils have higher smoke points so you can user a higher heat setting on your stove with your pan.

Finally, you can fry your chops in oil with or without breading. I have done both. Seasoning your meat before you fry it is key, however. And I only use salt and pepper. I like to sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the meat after is finishes cooking.

Reason #2 Why I Love Pork Chops: They’re Easy To Grill

The second reason I love pork chops because they’re easy to grill. With this method buying a thicker chop works better because you’re less likely to overcook the meat. And eating overcooked pork is not fun nor tasty. So if you want to grill up some chops then choose a bone-in cut that’s marked for grilling. Usually these cuts come two in a pack in your local grocery store and they cost more.

If you rather grill thinner pork chops that’s fine. Just make sure you watch them! If you’re going to lay them over the flames you can probably do that for thirty seconds before you have to flip them over. Once you get your grill marks then move the chops over to the cooler side of your grill so the inside can cook to whatever temperature you want. (Yes, you can treat a pork chop like a steak. There are people who eat pork medium-rare. I’m not a fan of it myself but to each its own.)

Final Reason: They Just Taste Good!

The final reason I love pork chops because they taste good. Although I love pork in general, each cut has different tastes. Just yesterday I ate bacon for my first meal and pork chops for my last meal. Even though both are pork products they taste completely different. Bacon has that salty and smoky flavor paired with the crispness of the meat. Pork chops offer a meaty yet tender bite. Even my mom, who isn’t the biggest pork chop fan, tried a bit of the chops I cooked and she loved it!

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