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The Site Sure Looks Different
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Oh yes, the site sure looks different. That’s because I rebuilt Let’s All Meat from the ground up using Elementor.

The Site Sure Looks Different…And Consistent

I redesigned the site once before which I announced here. And while the site’s looks and performance improved from the original design, there were some items I wasn’t happy with. The new premium theme I purchased didn’t allow me to customize all the parts of the site without extensive work. Although I wasn’t completely happy I let the new theme be and waited. I knew one day I would redesign the site again.

That time came in September. I started freelancing building WordPress websites for small businesses. (By the way, if you need a website you can hire me here.) And this prompted me to think about using my talent (and Elementor) to redesign Let’s All Meat. After much thinking and planning I did.

Rebuilding this site took a good amount of time and energy from me. That’s why I’ve been quiet on Twitter and haven’t posted new blog posts recently. After working on the redesign on a staging site I deployed it to the live site on Oct 12th. I thought I had everything finished but turns out that wasn’t the case. That always seems to happen whenever I (or maybe you) release something.

Overall, I’m happy with the new look, and I’m happier that I have full control of the site. I can customize the header, footer, the pages containing my products, and more. I can do so using Elementor Pro, and that’s the WordPress plugin I used for this site. I’m also going to use that plugin to redesign my personal website ( so that one can be spiffy too.

If you find a problem with the site after the redesign you can send me a message on the Contact Us page, or via email at

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