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The Inspiration Behind My Designs
the inspiration behind my designs


Today I announce I will write a series of blog posts that will explain the inspiration behind my designs. This is something I’ve should’ve done earlier but I was focused on making more designs for the clothing and accessories. Also, other activities drew my attention away from explaining my creative process. That changes now!

What Should You Expect From The Inspiration Behind My Designs Posts?

I will write a blog post for each of my designs, so I can discuss in detail how I came up with the slogan and the image or images used. Each of my designs have a specific story behind it and I feel it’s best to explain it in a separate article. I don’t want to overload readers with one huge post with sections for each of my designs. Plus, I will create new designs in the future (I’m currently working on one but I don’t have a release date yet) and I will need to update that long post to add any new designs. That’s clunky and infeasible.

In addition, you will learn my design process. How I choose the images, how I edit them, things like that. I want to show all the work that goes to make a design to put on a t-shirt or a sticker. It is quite extensive and can take me several hours to make several drafts. From the several drafts I’ll finally get a final design I like and is ready for production.

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