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The Free Shipping Minimum Is Now $30!
the free shipping minimum is now $30


Good news, everyone! The free shipping minimum is now $30. Yep, it was originally $50 but after some careful consideration and running numbers I reduced the minimum to $30. This way more customers can get free shipping without having to purchase a large order. This means if you were interested in purchasing my clothing and/or accessories and wanted to save money on shipping costs now you can!

The Free Shipping Minimum Is Now $30 To Gain New Customers

The main reason I made this change was to gain new customers. I review my analytics regularly see the amount of visitors who put items into the cart but don’t purchase them. Now I can’t exactly see why these customers abandon their carts but I’m leaning toward the shipping costs.

And I totally understand. Most online shoppers want free shipping. Either they subscribe to Amazon Prime or Walmart+, or they can get free shipping by purchasing a certain amount of goods. I chose the latter when it came to my online store just like other small businesses. And I made a minimum order required to get free shipping. That minimum was $50 and that amount was in line with other small online stores.

Although that amount was comparable with other small online stores I know it’s losing me customers. So I made the decision to lower the free shipping minimum hoping to spur growth. Will this cost me more money? It can, because I’m paying for shipping costs which increased this year. However, if I get more customers from this change then it was worth it.

How Does This Help Out You

The free shipping minimum is now $30 helps you, the customers, because you can purchase fewer items to get free shipping. You can purchase one t-shirt and a magnet. Or you can buy a tank top and some stickers. Finally you can purchase a mug, some can coolers, and some magnets and not have to pay for shipping.

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