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The Carnivore Diet And Your Family
the carnivore diet and your family


I’ve seen several posts and tweets on social media lately from meat-eaters and carnivores having a difficult time explaining their eating habits to their family. Some of these individuals live with said family members while others live elsewhere but visit them. No matter the case there will come a time when a family member or two will comment about your diet. Today let’s discuss the Carnivore Diet and your family and how to handle any questions and/or criticism.

The Carnivore Diet And Your Family: Just Be Honest

When it comes to the Carnivore Diet and your family just be honest about why you eat this way and how it works. This is an unusual way of eating as all of us grow up as omnivores. We’re taught that a balanced meal contains meat, veggies, and a starch. So you when decide to eat nothing but meat, fish/seafood, and eggs your family is going to be confused.

When this happens tell them why you eat this way. I told my family that I don’t digest various veggies well anymore so I eat primarily meat. Yes, I continue to eat certain fruits (mostly berries) but I don’t consume diary (outside of butter), veggies, most fruits, grains, and certain nuts because I don’t feel well when I consume them.

This may make your family think about how they eat. Some may actually figure out certain foods cause them problems so they will stop eating them.

The Carnivore Diet And Your Family: Don’t Debate Them

When it comes to the Carnivore Diet and your family don’t debate them about your eating habits. There are going to be some individuals who will think you are damaging yourself and they will will try their best to make you eat differently. They will probably bring literature or studies to show you are “wrong.” When this happens don’t debate them as they probably don’t want to listen.

For me, I nod and tell them I understand their concerns and leave it at that. I’m not going to start an argument at dinner or a barbecue or wherever we are. Even if the family member or members ridicule me or my eating habits I’m not going to push back. And I’m not going to call out their eating habits either.

This way works out pretty well in my experience because if you don’t add fuel to the fire then it will burn out. Thus, if you don’t argue with the family member he or she will see their actions are useless so they will stop.

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