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My Successful Berry Harvest…So Far

my successful berry harvest featured image

My diet is meat and berries. I discussed that in my popular article here. However, buying berries can be expensive and so I have a garden so I decided to grow my own berries last year. I explained why in more detail here. Thus, I bought a blackberry plant, some strawberry plans, an elderberry cutting […]

Why I Love Pork Chops

why i love pork chops | various pork chops

Here’s why I love pork chops: They are an inexpensive way to enjoy the wonderful taste of pork for you and your family, and there are so many ways to cook them. Here’s a few ways how I prepare and cook this cut. Reason #1 Why I Love Pork Chops: They’re Easy To Fry The […]

Bacon Burgers Are A Game-Changer

bacon burgers

I love bacon and I love burgers. And I love eating the two together. However, one day I had the bright idea to chop up the bacon and mix it into my ground beer so I could make bacon burgers. So that’s what I did. I threw those suckers on my charcoal grill and minutes […]

Why I love Canned Salmon

why i love canned salmon

I discussed my love for porterhouse steak before on my blog. Now I want to tell you why I love canned salmon. Why I Love Canned Salmon: It’s An Inexpensive Way To Eat The Tasty Fish Fresh salmon can be quite expensive to purchase and eat. Especially if you want to eat wild-caught salmon. And […]

Charcoal Grilling: The Only Way To Grill

charcoal grilling | a bed of glowing charcoal

Today is a fun post where I express my love for charcoal grilling! In my opinion this is the only way to grill. Not only is it fun to setup the grill with the chimney and charcoal, the briquets impart such a fantastic yet unique taste to the food. Why I Love Charcoal Grilling Unlike […]

Porterhouse Steak, I Love You Dearly

Porterhouse Steak

My favorite steak cut is the porterhouse steak. I do love T-bone steaks too but the porterhouse cut has more of that tender, tender filet attached so it wins out. I know, I know, people love ribeye steaks. And while that cut is tasty it’s too fatty for me. I love eating a good piece […]