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Steak Fixes Everything Design Inspiration
steak fixes everything design inspiration


In this post I explain the Steak Fixes Everything design inspiration. I start with the design inspiration posts with this one because it is the reason I started this company.

Steak Fixes Everything Design Inspiration

Where Did The Slogan Come From?

I can’t pinpoint the exact date and time when the slogan came to me. I remember it was late 2019 and I was sitting in my apartment at the time. At the time I was deep in thought because flirted getting back into creative writing. At my computer desk thinking away, this sentence popped into my mind: Steak Fixes Everything.

Some people close to me who had problems at the time. And I thought a potential solution would be a steak. Because I love a nice steak and it does make me feel better after eating one.

I loved the phrase so I got my notebook sitting on my desk and wrote down the phrase. Handwriting my stories and any ideas is something I do because it’s faster than typing, and it helps me draw out my thoughts. I didn’t know what I was going to do with that slogan then but that didn’t matter. I knew I would do something with it one day. That one day came in late 2020.

How Did I Create The Design?

I get my images from Unsplash and Pexels. The image for the Steak Fixes Everything design inspiration was to be a steak, I knew that for sure. What kind of steak was up in the air. However, I love T-Bone/Porterhouse steaks so I wanted to use one of those.

After some searching I found an image of a T-Bone/Porterhouse steak on the grill with steam rising up and I knew instantly that was the image for this design! So I downloaded and edited the images in GIMP to add the slogan and do other fixes.

Creating this design took the longest because I didn’t know how to make one for a t-shirt. I spent hours learning on YouTube and reading websites to improve my skills. Yet, I had fun doing this and I wanted my first design to look awesome!

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