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Shipping Costs Are Increasing
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Like many businesses my shipping costs are increasing. Even though I dislike having to pass along these costs to my customers I must because these are separate than the product cost increases.

Shipping Costs Are Increasing On April 27

These increases will go into effect on April 27. The first increases affect my accessories like stickers and magnets.

Now the prices changes will affect both buying one or multiple of the same item. So if you buy 2 stickers in an order I’ll charge a higher price for the first sticker and a higher price for the additional sticker. Usually the additional shipping price for the same product isn’t as much but it is increasing anyhow.

The reason for the shipping costs are increasing because the shipping vendors increased their prices. With gas prices at an all-time high and probably not decreasing soon all the shipping vendors have to pass along those costs to their customers. And that caused me to pass along those costs to my customers too.

I do offer free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $50 as a way to help reduce the price of shipping. I am debating on reducing that price from $50 to $35 to be more competitive with other online stores. If that happens then that should help reduce the pain of the higher shipping costs. However, I just need to make sure these costs won’t hurt my bottom line since I’m a small business.

And that’s the worst part of this: Small businesses are in a poor position to handle price increases, big or small. I watch videos from restaurants and retail small businesses who are dealing with increased food prices and shipping costs and higher vendor services and they wait a long time to pass those costs to their customers. Because they don’t want to run their customers away as wages aren’t rising as fast.

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