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Salt And Pepper Are The Only Seasonings I Need
salt and pepper


For the last couple of years I decided to cut back on the types of seasonings I used on my meat. Mostly because I wanted to eat as clean as possible. Many spices contain fillers like sugar, and I want to limit the amount of sugar in my diet. Thus, this decision led me to use salt and pepper in my cooking, baking, and grilling. Although some people may believe I’m limiting myself to these only seasonings I found these two are the only ones I need.

Why I Enjoy Using Just Salt And Pepper

Salt and pepper make a great combo, which is why I enjoy using only both in my cooking.

Salt just makes food tastes better. And when it comes to meat you need salt. Not only does it impart flavor into the meat, it can also make it tender. Finally, if you use a high-quality salt containing minerals it imparts additional nutrition to your meal.

As for pepper this spice adds a kick. I can’t eat spicy seasonings like cayenne pepper anymore because it causes pain my stomach. Yet, black pepper doesn’t causes those problems which is good. Plus, black pepper provides a different flavor profile when I cook or grill meat. Sometimes I add it before I cook, other times I add pepper to my food after it’s done so I can feel that bite.

Will I Go Back To Using Other Seasonings?

At this time I don’t believe I will go back to using other seasonings like paprika or cumin. I probably won’t even use herbs like thyme or rosemary. I don’t miss using tons of spices in my food. And I wasn’t a fan of drowning my food in sauces either.

I like tasting the meat because it does have flavor. And it shouldn’t be used as an avenue to eat sauce or a bunch of seasonings. If you want to do that then eat those with a spoon.

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