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How can I tell if a product is out of stock?

If a particular size or option is missing from the drop-down box then it is out of stock. Please know we are working with our vendor to get that size or option available again as quickly as possible.

Do you know when a product will come back into stock?

Unfortunately, no. If our print-on-demand vendors are out of a particular color of shirt or any other material needed for production, we must wait for them to receive it. Sometimes we are able to use another print-on-demand provider if they have the materials in stock. However, we may not choose to go with another print-on-demand provider if they charge more for their services because that will cause us to charge more.

What type of shirts do you use?

For short-sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops we use Bella+Canvas shirts. When it comes to our sweatshirts we use Champion.

Is your clothing unisex?

Yes, we offer only unisex clothing at this time.

How should I take care of my clothing?

We suggest that you follow the care instructions on label attached to piece of clothing. In addition to that, we also like to turn our shirt inside-out before we wash them as this protects the graphics. Finally, don’t use the “high-heat” setting when you dry your clothes. Either use warm or low heat.

I would like to make a large order (ex. 10+ shirts or magnets). Do you offer bulk pricing?

Please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page for assistance.

Who do you use to print your products?

We use highly-rated print-on-demand companies through Printify.

I'm interested in working with Printify too. Do you recommend their services?

Yes! We have been very pleased with the quality of the products and customer service from the company. If you want to sign up and use Printify we are part of their affiliate program. (If you sign up and sell products using that link, we will make a small commission from your orders.)