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My Organic Gardening Tips
my organic gardening tips | organic produce for sale


Even though I eat primarily meat I do enjoy eating various types of berries. I wrote an article about doing just that on the Carnivore Diet. Then I wrote an article about how I’m growing berries now because I do enjoy gardening and I want to save some money. Today I want to discuss my organic gardening tips I use to grow my berries and other edibles.

My Organic Gardening Tips: Start With Good Soil

The first of my organic gardening tips is to start with a good soil. You can buy organic soil from various home improvement stores or you can develop one yourself. The latter will take longer time, however. I buy my soil because it’s easier and I don’t have the space or time to create my own soil.

Yes, buying organic soil can be expensive if you buy it from the store. However, you can save more money by buying it in bulk from gardening centers. In those cases you will need a large space to keep the soil because those centers will dump the soil from a truck. Either way you want to verify the soil you’re buying is organic. Most will have some type of labeling or certification on the bag. Finally, you want to read what’s inside the soil. There should be a section on the bag stating what’ makes up the soil.

My Organic Gardening Tips: Choose An Organic Fertilizer

The second of my organic gardening tips is to choose an organic fertilizer. I choose fertilizers that are certified organic and stay away from Miracle Gro. I have nothing against that brand but I don’t want to use synthetic ingredients in the food I’m growing. It’s bad enough that most of the processed food we eat today in America is made in a lab. And certain whole or raw foods are adulterated with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

I don’t have a particular brand of organic fertilizer I like. I’ve tried the fish emulsion and had results with that. Right now I’m using a dry, organic fertilizer with a 2-2-2 mixture that’s working pretty well right now. Yet, that’s the problem with many organic fertilizers: They are weaker than their synthetic counterparts. That’s why people choose the Miracle Gro.

Final Tip: Choose Organic Pesticides

My final of my organic gardening tips is to choose organic pesticides. I use Neem Oil. This substance protects against the following:

  • Various insects
  • Fungus
  • Mites
  • Rust
  • Leaf spots
  • Mildew

That’s a short list of the oil’s protections. It works very well and I don’t have problems with various insects, fungus, etc. I will say this oil can be quiet expensive if you purchase it at a home improvement or big-box store. To save money buy the concentrate and mix it up in a sprayer.

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