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Let’s All meat Now Accepts Affirm!
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Let’s All Meat now accepts Affirm! Yes, you can buy now and pay later with a minimum purchase of $50.

Let’s All Meat Now Accepts Affirm To Provide Another Payment Option

The main reason Let’s All Meat now accepts Affirm because we wanted to provide another payment option for our customers.

Although we accepts credit cards and PayPal/Venmo we know that not everyone has a credit card nor PayPal/Venmo. In addition, some people want to split up their payments because it’s easier on their budgets. That’s especially true today as prices continue to increase on basically every expense. Our clothing and accessories included.

Finally, we decided to offer Affirm to stay competitive. Several online stores, big and small, offer some type of buy-now-pay-later payment option. And Let’s All Meat didn’t want to be an odd store out. Thus, we signed up with the financial lending service.

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Let’s All Meat Now Accepts Affirm And It’s Easy To UsE

Let’s All Meat now accepts Affirm and it’s easy to use! All you have to do is spend a minimum of $50. Then at checkout choose Affirm and fill out your information.

The great thing about spending $50 is that you will also get free U.S. shipping. So not only can you buy-now-and-pay-later, you can get free shipping too!

Why wait? Go ahead and start shopping now!

By The Way

If there is a payment option that you would like us to use please contact us. We will investigate to see if we can add the payment option into our store. With many payment processors we can.

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