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Keto Life Design Inspiration
keto life design inspiration


In this post I explain the Keto Life design inspiration. Like with the Carnivore Life design, I created this one in early 2022.

Keto Life Design Inspiration

Where Did The Slogan Come From?

This slogan came from seeing other t-shirts for sale advertising the Keto lifestyle. I saw some with the “Keto Life” text on it and I got the idea to make a shirt for my store. This was an oversight on my part because I wrote about the Keto Diet on the blog, and it fits perfectly with the theme of the clothing and accessories I sell. Yet it’s better to be late to release a design than to never release it.

How Did I Create The Design?

I get my images from Unsplash and Pexels. The images for the Keto Life design inspiration was to be meat, green leafy veggies, nuts, and avocado. I wanted to display the foods people following the lifestyle commonly eat. That’s why I chose the broccoli and avocado because they are a Keto staple. When I was on Keto I ate both quite often.

I decided to create four slices of images on the shirt to contain a different type of each food stuff. Then the text Keto Life in the middle. Because the lifestyle is that simple so the design should be too.

After some searching I found images of grilled meat, broccoli, pecans, and avocadoes. I chose each image because they looked good and prepared in different ways. I wanted to show the versatility of this lifestyle. You can enjoy all types of meat with a green leafy veggie. For a snack eat a handful of pecans or almonds, or eat some avocado or guacamole. So I downloaded and edited the images in GIMP to add the slogan and do other fixes.

Creating this design took some time to make because I wanted each image slice to be the same width and height. That took some doing in GIMP to make sure I configured my measurements properly. Plus I changed the design of the slogan a couple of time. I tried different alignments of the text until I found one I liked.

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