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How I’m Handling Inflation
how i'm handling inflation | a close-up of one hundred dollar bills


Prices are up everywhere here in America. We see it at the gas pump. Even in my city 87 Unleaded is now $3.50 a gallon and I’m in the South. Then you go to the store and see week after week prices continuing to increase. And for my Keto, Paleo, and Carnivore followers this hits us pretty hard because we primarily eat meat (or only meat) and those cost even more now. So today I want to talk about how I’m handling inflation. Because I want to tell you some of the tips that’s working for me so you can try them out and hopefully keep your budget.

How I’m Handling Inflation: Shopping The Sales

I wrote on my blog previously about how I continue to eat primarily meat even though those prices are high right now. Well, I’m using those tips from that article for all food.

To save money I really shop the sales. Yes, I may have a craving for a particular food that week but if it’s not on sale I’m not buying it. Case in point: I wanted steak earlier this week and I waited to see if my local grocery store would have a particular cut on sale. Turns out one of the stores put boneless New York Strips on sale for $8.99 a pound. While that’s a good price I decided not to buy it. Instead, I opted to chicken which was also on sale and cheaper.

Even when I’m shopping the sales I look to see how much food I’m getting for the price. While the steaks were on sale I knew I would only get two to three meals from those steaks. My store likes to sale two strips in a pack. Depending on the size of the steak and my hunger I could demolish an entire New York Strip in a sitting. Yet, with chicken I could get way more meat in a pack. Even though I could do the same type of damage when eating chicken I would get more meals from it. Thus, my costs per meal would be lower.

How I’m Handling Inflation: Eating More Of The Same Meals

In America we’re very lucky to have so many options when it comes to food. If you really think about it the average American could eat a different meal from a different cuisine each time they eat for an entire week. While this is fun and keeps eating from becoming boring, it can also become quite expensive. Especially if you like to eat out or order in from a restaurant.

For me how I’m handling inflation is to eat more of the same meals. Yes, I want you to meal plan. It’s a great way to know what’s you’re going to eat for your meals and stay within your food budget.

When I go to the grocery store I buy enough food to last several meals. Sometimes I can buy enough to last an entire week. So what do I buy? I love bacon and eggs so I’ll buy a big pack of bacon and a dozen of pasture-raised eggs. I’ll eat that for lunch and dinner (I only eat twice a day) and I’m good. The same goes with ground beef or chicken or whatever else I can find on sale.

Finally, Consider Eating Less

The final way regarding how I’m handling inflation is eating less. As I said in the last section I only eat twice a day. Even then I don’t eat large meals. Because I’m eating less food I don’t have to buy as much, which helps saves money.

I like if more Americans follow this tip. The vast majority already eat too much food as it is. Our portion sizes are humongous and we see no problem with it. Even American children are eating too large portions of food. That’s lead to both adults and children to be obese (along with eating ultra-processed food and a heavy reliance on fast food).

So eat less and fill up on water. We all need to drink more water anyway.

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