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Holiday Shopping: Get Your Orders In Early
holiday shopping


This week starts the second full week in October and holiday shopping is just around the corner. Time flies so quickly, and it’s time to think about buying presents for Christmas. If you are planning to put in an order with Let’s All Meat I suggest you do it as early as possible.

Do Your Holiday Shopping Early To Avoid Delays

I highly suggest to order from us as quickly as possible to to avoid delays due to the increased holiday shopping volume. More shoppers are buying their presents online which puts pressure on delivery companies. And with the pandemic still going on customers are going to order more from online stores.

All of this puts pressure on delivery companies who are already understaffed. Thus, delays will happen as the companies don’t have the staff to sort the packages. Some don’t have the drivers to deliver packages to customers’ homes. If you order sooner rather than later and a delay happens, you have more time to get the package.

Do Your Holiday Shopping Early To Avoid Shortages

Another reason I suggest to do your holiday shopping from Let’s All Meat as early as possible is to avoid shortages. For various reasons there are shortages affecting food to clothing to electronics all over the world. This affects my store too as certain clothing sizes go in and out of stock constantly due to my vendors running out. Due to this, I have to find other vendors to supply the clothing. I rather not do this as other vendors can be more expensive. Or have slower shipping times. Some even have poor reviews.

Don’t Forget To Check The Site Weekly For Deals

As the holidays get closer the site’s deals will get better and better. So it’s best to check the site weekly for new deals. Or you can sign up for our weekly newsletter for even better deals.

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