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Growing Berries And The Carnivore Diet
growing berries and the carnivore diet | a hand sowing seeds into a seedling tray


Let’s talk about growing berries and the Carnivore Diet. I’ve already written about how I like to eat various types of berries while I follow the diet. And seeing how that article is one of the most popular on this blog I see other people are interested too. Purchasing berries can get expensive, especially when the fruit is not in season. So what can we do to eat this fruit while save money? We can grow them ourselves. Here’s my experience growing my own so far.

Growing Berries And The Carnivore Diet: Choose What You Like

When it comes to growing berries and the Carnivore Diet you need to choose the type of berries you like to eat. That way you won’t waste money on producing crops you won’t eat.

As for me I love strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and even elderberries. Thus, I’m currently growing a blackberry, raspberry, and elderberry plant. I started these last year and I’m hoping to have a good crop this year. My blackberry and elderberry plants were seedlings so it’s taken longer for those to grow. The raspberry plant, however, I purchase from a grower and it produced some fruit last year. This year I’m hoping the production is larger because the plant is larger.

I will grow strawberries later on and I still need to purchase the crowns. Maybe I’ll do that either this week or next week. I grew them last year but my berries were small (although tasty). I need a better, organic fertilizer so the plant produces bigger berries.

Growing Berries And The Carnivore Diet: Determine How And Where You Will Grow Them

The second part of growing berries and the Carnivore Diet is to determine how and where you will grow your berries.

If you have the land you can sow them directly into the ground. Of course you will need to prepare the soil beforehand, and make sure the PH is correct. I suggest this route if you want to produce a large crop of berries.

However, if you don’t have the land to grown you can grow berries in containers. There’s various articles online and videos on YouTube you can watch for great tips. This is the way I’m growing my plants as container gardening was easier for me. Also, container gardening can be cheaper because all you need to purchase is a food-grade container place the soil in and buy container-grade soil.

Another option you can implement is a raised bed. This is a great option if you have land but don’t want to sow directly into the ground. You can create a raised bed using wood or metal containers. Just like with container gardening you will have to purchase a specific type of soil, usually called raised bed soil.

Become Patient

My final tip when it comes to growing berries and the Carnivore Diet is to become patient. Growing plants takes time and some take longer than others.

Since I started my blackberry plant from a seedling it’s going to take about two years for it to produce any fruit. So since I started it in early 2021 I’m hoping that I will see the fruits of my labor this Summer. The same goes for elderberry, which takes about two years to produce fruit after planting.

Frankly, this is the hardest part about gardening: Waiting for results. However, don’t let this keep you from not growing your own. The time will fly by and before you know it your plants will be ready to produce some sweet fruit that you will enjoy.

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