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Fueled By Bacon & Eggs Design Inspiration
fueled by bacon & eggs design inspiration


In this post I explain the Fueled By Bacon & Eggs design inspiration. This design I created in Spring 2021 due to it being one of my go-to meals when I want something quick and easy.

Fueled By Bacon & Eggs Design Inspiration

Where Did The Slogan Come From?

This slogan came from a thought I had about my go-to meal of bacon and eggs. This is a quick meal I usually keep on hand most of the time because sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. Either I had a hard day or I’m not feeling way and don’t have the energy to make a labor-intensive meal.

In addition to that reason eating bacon and eggs just fills me up for a long time. Thus, it’s a great meal to eat right after a workout. Or before going to work. Because the tasty bacon and the protein-packed eggs will give you the energy to get whatever done. That’s why I keep these foodstuffs on hand.

Now you see how I came up with the slogan.

How Did I Create The Design?

I get my images from Unsplash and Pexels. The images for the Fueled By Bacon & Eggs design inspiration was to have bacon on one side and eggs on the other. I didn’t really know how I wanted either to look. I used bacon slices in other designs before this one so I looked for those images again. However, for the eggs that was a bit tricky. I sought images of “pretty” eggs. I didn’t want messy looking scrambled eggs or runny eggs. Although those are tasty they wouldn’t look good on a t-shirt. In the end I decided to use whole eggs because those looked the best, and were easy to edit.

After I found the separate images of the bacon strips and the eggs I edited them in GIMP to add the slogan and do other fixes.

Creating this design didn’t take much time from my recollection because of its simplicity. Yet, its simplicity is the reason I enjoy it so much. It’s easy to read and understand. And it being a tasty meal doesn’t hurt.

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