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Eating Meat Reduced My PMS
eating meat reduced my pms | a woman in pain sitting on a bed


This article is for the ladies (sorry guys) because I want to discuss a topic all women go through: PMS. And I will discuss how eating meat reduced my PMS.

I can picture the eye-rolls from the guys now. Before you click away from this article take a chance and read through it because it could help a lady in your life: Your mom, sister, or friend.

How Eating Meat Reduced My PMS: Removing Highly Processed Foods From My Diet

The first way how eating meat reduced my PMS is that I severely eliminated the amount of highly-processed food from my diet.

I wrote about eating clean on my blog before and how beneficial eating nutritious food is to our bodies. In addition, eating highly-processed foods can disrupt our hormones due to the ingredients and/or cooking methods. Sugar is one of those ingredients that can upset estrogen and progesterone production. These hormones, along with testosterone, regular your mood (among other things in your body).

Also, eating too much sugar will cause more fatigue because your energy levels will rise up but then crash down. That can cause a cycle (no pun intended) where you eat more sugar to feel better. Or you drink caffeinated drinks (like coffee, tea, or energy drinks) to get a boost of energy. Unfortunately, caffeine is a diuretic and you can become dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water. And that can make PMS worse.

Now I can tell you from experience I do crave junk food as my menstrual cycle approaches. My craving for chips skyrockets and I have to fight to not give in. Unfortunately, I do give in because my willpower runs out. It’s fine if you give into your cravings for junk food but don’t allow this to become a habit.

How Eating Meat Reduced My PMS: Lower Inflammation Means Less Pain Overall

The last way how eating meat reduced my PMS is by removing the inflammation in my body. Thus, I had less pain overall.

Inflammation gets a bad rap today even though it is vital to our survival. Whenever you get hurt, like if you cut yourself or fall down and break a bone, inflammation’s job is to help repair the body. However, inflammation can be turned on by a high-carb diet. Because of this your body is always in “repair mode” but that’s not healthy. Inflammation is only meant for short bursts, not long-term usage because of the damage it can do overtime to your body.

I used to have steady PMS before changing my diet to primarily meat-based. I thought that was normal and just had to deal with it. When it came to other pain in my body I dealt with that too. And I thought I would have to accept just have regular aches and pain. Yet, after changing my eating habits I don’t have those pains anymore. Including PMS. Oh yes, I get a slight twinge of pain as my menstrual cycle approaches but nothing like the pain I used to have.

So if you have constant pain in your body, or you’re tried of dealing with PMS every month then I suggest switching over to the Keto Diet or the Carnivore Diet. Give it a try for 30 days and see if your life improves.

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