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Eat Meat Not Bugs: New Design Now Available


Big news, everyone! Let’s All Meat released a new shirt design: Eat Meat Not Bugs.

Eat Meat Not Bugs: How Did I Come Up With This Design

The slogan itself popped into my head either in late August or early September. I wrote it down and wanted to work on the design quickly but postponed it due to other projects going on professionally and personally.

I loved the slogan instantly because it’s simple and gets right to the point. People should eat meat not bugs. I know there is a big push by many food companies and celebrities and even billionaires for humans to switch from eating cows and pigs and chickens and goats and other animals to crickets and meal worms. I’m seeing more processed food made with cricket flour. We should avoid eating less processed food, but if you are going to eat it please read the ingredient labels now because you need to verify what you’re eating. Especially if you’re allergic to shellfish because crickets fall into that allergen category.

All right, time to get off my soapbox. Let me get back to discussing the design for this shirt. As for the image on the shirt I wanted it to be simple: Just meat.

I tried making some designs that showed meat and a bug (like a cricket) but I didn’t like those. That’s when I finally decided to focus on the star of the show: Meat. And that’s why I chose the image now on the shirts. It’s just a steak sliced to perfection. That image makes a person’s mouth water. And their mind goes to eating a juicy steak (or any cut of meat) instead of some icky bug.

Shirts Available For Purchase

You can purchase the Eat Meat Not Bugs t-shirt, tank top, long-sleeve t-shirt, and sweatshirt by clicking on the links or throughout this post.


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