Sweet Tooth And The Carnivore Diet

sweet tooth and the carnivore diet | an image of doughnuts

It doesn’t matter if you been following the Carnivore Diet for a few weeks or a few months, you will get a craving for treats. It could be a hankering for cookies, or the desire for a bowl of ice cream. So let’s discuss to how handle a sweet tooth and the Carnivore diet. These […]

Whole Foods Improve Your Health

whole foods improve your health | the produce section at the grocery store

One of my guilty pleasures is watching grocery hauls on YouTube. Yes, I like to watch people show-off their groceries. Why? I’m nosy. I like to see what people buy and eat. Turns out many Americans love to buy processed foods, especially snack foods. In addition, I see too many people buy supplements to stay […]

Carnivore Diet On a Budget: An Easy-To-Follow Guide

carnivore diet on a budget | various types of meat on a grill

When people discover I eat primarily meat they tend to ask if my way of eating is expensive. Some are interested in trying out my diet but fear the costs will blow their food budget. I totally understand. Meat, fish, and seafood is expensive but eating this way won’t increase your food costs that much. […]

High Meat Prices: How I’m Coping

high meat prices | packages of meat in the store

I don’t buy as much meat as I used to. Not because I’m trying to cut back on my consumption, but because of the high meat prices. The prices have been going up since the Covid-19 Pandemic gripped the world due to shortages in beef, pork, and chicken. Now, however, prices are pretty ridiculous due […]

Doing Keto On A Budget

doing keto on a budget | plate of salmon and vegetables

Food prices are high today. Well, prices for everything is higher than normal than a few years ago. Yet, it’s the sticker shock at the grocery store which is most alarming because we all gotta eat. And if you have a different way of eating it can be expensive. So today I want to give […]

Stop Eating Sugar In 1 Week

stop eating sugar | a spoon of sugar

I was a sugar addict. I included something sweet with every meal. Oreos was my favorite cookie and I could eat six or seven cookies at once. Ice cream was another favorite sweet of mine and I would eat big scoops of it. And cake was my favorite dessert of all time. It didn’t really […]