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Synthetic Beef: Why Do Billionaries Want People To Eat It?

synthetic beef | beef in a pot

Bill Gates wants us regular people to eat synthetic beef. So does Richard Branson. Why do these billionaires want us normal folk to give up eating delicious cows and chow down on lab-grown meat? They say it’s to combat climate change but I think there’s other ominous reasons. What Is Synthetic Beef? What is synthetic […]

My Review Of Printify Print On Demand

my review of printify print on demand

I use a print on demand company, Printify, for all of products sold in my store. Interested, but want to know how it works? And the company’s pros and cons? I got you covered! Here’s my review of Printify print on demand. My Review Of Printify Print On Demand: Easy To Start The first pro […]

Salt And Pepper Are The Only Seasonings I Need

salt and pepper

For the last couple of years I decided to cut back on the types of seasonings I used on my meat. Mostly because I wanted to eat as clean as possible. Many spices contain fillers like sugar, and I want to limit the amount of sugar in my diet. Thus, this decision led me to […]

Plant-Based Meat: Why Do Vegans Eat It?

plant-based meat | impossible meat

Plant-based meat is everywhere. You can buy chicken nuggets made from soy in your local grocery store. Or you can eat a burger made from a combination of pea protein, soy, and vegetable starch from a fast food chain. While I see more and more vegans get excited about these mock meats I always ask […]

New York City Schools Go Vegan..Kinda

new york city schools go vegan | a huge bowl of salad

New York City schools go vegan. Yep, the new mayor, Eric Adams, announced last Thursday the kids in the city’s school system would have to eat vegan lunches every Friday. Yep, the next day the kids ate pitiful lunches of black bean tacos, a bag of chips, unappetizing stir-frys, and other food. To make matters […]