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Carnivore Diet And Berries: It Works Well For Me
carnivore diet and berries


I’m currently doing the Carnivore Diet and berries and it’s working pretty well for me. I know this doesn’t make me a “true” carnivore because I’m eating fruit but I still wanted to write about how berries help me in my diet.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: How Does It Work For Me?

I love berries: Be it strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. That may be all of them but I do enjoy quite a few different types of berries.

The reason the Carnivore Diet and berries work for me because it soothes the sweet tooth I get occasionally. Yes, even though I eat primarily meat I still get cravings for sweets. I’m going to blame my hormones because I’m a woman and there are times of the month when a sweet craving hits me (if you get my drift).

Also, berries are low in carbs, are low in calories, and have many nutritional benefits. They are moderately-high in vitamin C, Manganese, vitamin K, and contain some copper and folate.

Finally, I feel good eating berries and meat in the same meal. It’s kinda like a dessert.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: Why Did I Start Eating Like This?

About a month ago my digestion got weird. It was because I had started including other foods into my diet, and even ate more junk food (primarily chips). I finally got tired of my worsening digestion so I decided to clean up my diet. Thus, I turned to Carnivore Diet and berries.

Within a few days I saw results as I wasn’t as gassy and my body felt much better. It’s been nearly two weeks since I started and I fell fantastic! I really enjoy what I’m eating and look forward to eating.

The only downside to this way of eating is that berries are seasonal. Although they are grown around the world, I try to eat fruit grown in America, usually because it is cheaper and tastes better. I do leave in the South so I am closer to farms who can grow this berries longer due to our nicer weather but eventually berries won’t be in season.

What will I do then? Maybe buy frozen berries, or just give them up. I’m not sure yet.

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