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Can Coolers Now Available!
can coolers now available


Can coolers are now available on Let’s All Meat! That’s right, you can showcase your love of all meat, fish, and seafood by slipping on one of our coolers over your favorite beverage.

Can Coolers Now Available To Keep Your Favorite Beverage Cool As The Temps Rise

Although Summer is almost a month away the temperatures are increasing all over America. Thus, more people are spending more time outdoors, sitting on the beach or in their backyard patio. And they usually have their favorite beverage on hand, either an alcoholic one or a soft drink. Although these drinks come out cold from the fridge, they won’t stay cold long once the heat gets to it. That’s why you need a can cooler.

And why use a bland one? The ones you can buy from the store don’t have any personality. Either they are a solid color or have some generic design. Finally, they display nothing about you or what you stand for. That’s why you need to purchase one of our coolers (I’m showing a short selection below but you can view all of them here):

To celebrate our new product release we’re giving a discount on all can coolers for this week only! Use coupon code “cancooler” at checkout to save 10%. All orders over $20 is eligible to use the code. Oh, and all orders over $50 get free U.S. shipping! These are a great ways to save money when prices continue to rise in today’s world.

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