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bacon burgers
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Bacon Burgers Are A Game-Changer

I love bacon and I love burgers. And I love eating the two together. However, one day I had the bright idea to chop up

why i love canned salmon
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Why I love Canned Salmon

I discussed my love for porterhouse steak before on my blog. Now I want to tell you why I love canned salmon. Why I Love

how i'm handling inflation | a close-up of one hundred dollar bills

How I’m Handling Inflation

Prices are up everywhere here in America. We see it at the gas pump. Even in my city 87 Unleaded is now $3.50 a gallon

growing berries and the carnivore diet | a hand sowing seeds into a seedling tray

Growing Berries And The Carnivore Diet

Let’s talk about growing berries and the Carnivore Diet. I’ve already written about how I like to eat various types of berries while I follow

sweet tooth and the carnivore diet | an image of doughnuts

Sweet Tooth And The Carnivore Diet

It doesn’t matter if you been following the Carnivore Diet for a few weeks or a few months, you will get a craving for treats.