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Carnivore Diet And Berries: It Works Well For Me

carnivore diet and berries

I’m currently doing the Carnivore Diet and berries and it’s working pretty well for me. I know this doesn’t make me a “true” carnivore because I’m eating fruit but I still wanted to write about how berries help me in my diet.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: How Does It Work For Me?

I love berries: Be it strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. That may be all of them but I do enjoy quite a few different types of berries.

The reason the Carnivore Diet and berries work for me because it soothes the sweet tooth I get occasionally. Yes, even though I eat primarily meat I still get cravings for sweets. I’m going to blame my hormones because I’m a woman and there are times of the month when a sweet craving hits me (if you get my drift).

Also, berries are low in carbs, are low in calories, and have many nutritional benefits. They are moderately-high in vitamin C, Manganese, vitamin K, and contain some copper and folate.

Finally, I feel good eating berries and meat in the same meal. It’s kinda like a dessert.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: Why Did I Start Eating Like This?

About a month ago my digestion got weird. It was because I had started including other foods into my diet, and even ate more junk food (primarily chips). I finally got tired of my worsening digestion so I decided to clean up my diet. Thus, I turned to Carnivore Diet and berries.

Within a few days I saw results as I wasn’t as gassy and my body felt much better. It’s been nearly two weeks since I started and I fell fantastic! I really enjoy what I’m eating and look forward to eating.

The only downside to this way of eating is that berries are seasonal. Although they are grown around the world, I try to eat fruit grown in America, usually because it is cheaper and tastes better. I do leave in the South so I am closer to farms who can grow this berries longer due to our nicer weather but eventually berries won’t be in season.

What will I do then? Maybe buy frozen berries, or just give them up. I’m not sure yet.

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Coffee And The Carnivore Diet: I’m Having Issues

coffee and the carnivore diet

For years I’ve been having a hot cup of coffee during the cold months or a nice cup of cold brew during the Summer. However, coffee and the Carnivore Diet isn’t mixing well with me at the moment and I’m going to have to take a break from it.

What’s Going On With Coffee And The Carnivore Diet

My first problems has been going on for a few weeks now. I would get a pain in the right side of my chest. First, I thought it was congestion because I would have increased mucus. Yet, I wasn’t sick. Then I came upon food allergies in my research and cut out nuts. Right now I’m eating meat, fish/seafood, and berries. Soon I started to feel better but then the pain came back in my chest and the increased mucus. I noticed just the other day I felt fine until I drank coffee.

Then a second problem appeared: A headache. This also sprang up just after I drank coffee. Now I normally drink a glass of water with organic apple cider vinegar with the Mother and some pink salt once I get up in the morning. And I didn’t have the headache or the chest pain after drinking that. Just only when I drank the coffee.

So I made the choice to stop drinking coffee for a period of time and switch over to black tea (which I’m going to dilute).

Why Is This Happening?

To be honest I’m not sure. I’ve drank coffee before and after I started eating primarily meat. Yes, coffee and the Carnivore Diet don’t go together. Many purist don’t advise individuals to coffee with this diet because it does come from a plant. However, I don’t follow a strict Carnivore Diet plan.

What I think happened was that I eliminated other foods from my diet and eat primarily meat, fish/seafood, and berries. Thus, my diet points heavily to the Carnivore Diet than ever before. And I think that’s made me more susceptible to caffeine. One of my followers on Twitter told me that the cleaner my diet becomes I will feel the effects of caffeine more.

Coffee And The Carnivore Diet: Will I Miss It?

At this time I don’t think I will miss having my daily cup of coffee. I drank it mostly for the health benefits. And I don’t need it to jumpstart my day.

If I do feel like a hot beverage I do have some black tea in my cabinet. Another of my Twitter followers told me how to dilute the tea to remove most of the caffeine so I’m going to try that out.

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The Carnivore Diet And Your Family

the carnivore diet and your family

I’ve seen several posts and tweets on social media lately from meat-eaters and carnivores having a difficult time explaining their eating habits to their family. Some of these individuals live with said family members while others live elsewhere but visit them. No matter the case there will come a time when a family member or two will comment about your diet. Today let’s discuss the Carnivore Diet and your family and how to handle any questions and/or criticism.

The Carnivore Diet And Your Family: Just Be Honest

When it comes to the Carnivore Diet and your family just be honest about why you eat this way and how it works. This is an unusual way of eating as all of us grow up as ominvores. We’re taught that a balanced meal contains meat, veggies, and a starch. So you when decide to eat nothing but meat, fish/seafood, and eggs your family is going to be confused.

When this happens tell them why you eat this way. I told my family that I don’t digest various veggies well anymore so I eat primarily meat. Yes, I continue to eat certain fruits (mostly berries) but I don’t consume diary (outside of butter), veggies, most fruits, grains, and certain nuts because I don’t feel well when I consume them.

This may make your family think about how they eat. Some may actually figure out certain foods cause them problems so they will stop eating them.

The Carnivore Diet And Your Family: Don’t Debate Them

When it comes to the Carnivore Diet and your family don’t debate them about your eating habits. There are going to be some individuals who will think you are damaging yourself and they will will try their best to make you eat differently. They will probably bring literature or studies to show you are “wrong.” When this happens don’t debate them as they probably don’t want to listen.

For me, I nod and tell them I understand their concerns and leave it at that. I’m not going to start an argument at dinner or a barbecue or wherever we are. Even if the family member or members ridicule me or my eating habits I’m not going to push back. And I’m not going to call out their eating habits either.

This way works out pretty well in my experience because if you don’t add fuel to the fire then it will burn out. Thus, if you don’t argue with the family member he or she will see their actions are useless so they will stop.

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Independence Day Limited Edition Designs

independence day limited edition designs

Today I want to announce the new Independence Day limited edition designs available on t-shirts. The shirts are available now and will be available all of July.

Independence Day Limited Edition Designs: Why I Made Them

As an American Independence Day is very special to me and the entire country. This is when we celebrate our independence from Great Britain after a hard fought war. Yes, many of us don’t really think about this holiday as we should as we spend the time grilling out with our family and friends, attending events like firework shows, or enjoying our time off from work.

Independence Day Limited Edition Designs: My Design Inspiration

I turned to the actual text of the Declaration of Independence for inspiration. Upon reading the entire document I thought about how I could I use the text in my design. After a couple days of designing and think I developed the slogan: Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Meat.

Yes, this is a play on Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that’s stated in the Declaration of Independence. I think it makes a great slogan for a t-shirt.

There Are Multiple Images For This Design

I didn’t want to focus on one type of meat for this shirt because people like various types of meat. So I made designs for the following:

This way there is a shirt for everyone’s tastes. And you get to display that your inalienable includes obtaining as much meat as you possibly can.

Here Are The New Designs!

The shirts are available in white and black and in various sizes. Get yours today!

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Grass-Fed Butter: It’s Worth The Cost

grass-fed butter

When I started Keto back in 2017 one of the first things I changed was the fats I used in cooking. I couldn’t use the seed oils anymore because how harmful they are to our bodies due to the inflammation they cause. That led me to learning about better fats to use which led me to grass-fed butter. Yes, I know this type of butter is more expensive than the regular butter you can buy in the store but it’s so much better for us, which is why it’s worth the cost.

Grass-Fed Butter: Which Ones I Use

Many people love Kerrygold butter and I will use it when I can get it on sale. However, I don’t have a particular brand I stick with as I found other grass-fed butter brands which are just as good.

While shopping at Publix one day I came across Truly. Due to its sale price I bought it. It has a great taste like Kerrygold does and I couldn’t tell a difference between the two when I cooked or baked with it.

I’ve also tried the grass-fed butter available from Aldi. It’s regularly $2.99 in my area so it’s usually much cheaper than other brands. Word on the street is that Kerrygold makes this butter for Aldi. Whatever the case, I can’t tell a difference in taste or texture between this butter with the other brands.

Now these aren’t the only brands out there. You can find many others in grocery stores around the U.S., and you can find them locally from farmers or local food shops. If you go with the local option you will probably get a better deal as you can probably buy large quantities than you could in the store.

Why I Won’t Use “Regular” Butter

The main reason I won’t use regular butter again is the ingredients. Most of these brands use natural flavors which aren’t natural unlike its namesake.

Butter is cream and sometimes salt (I prefer unsalted butter). There’s no need to add natural flavors. The actual flavor of it should come from the cow’s milk.

The other reason I won’t use this type of butter anymore is that it doesn’t have a good flavor. After eating grass-fed butter for years now when I eat “regular” butter it tastes plain. Yeah, I’m gonna be that lady. And don’t you dare bring any “fake” butters around me ’cause I’ll knock you out.