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Bacon Does A Body Good Design Inspiration
bacon does a body good design inspiration


In this post I explain the Bacon Does A Body Good design inspiration. Honestly, after the Steak Fixes Everything design this one is in my top three of favorites to wear..

Bacon Does A Body Good Design Inspiration

Where Did The Slogan Come From?

I came up with the slogan in early 2020 after learning about creating a t-shirt line. Just like my other designs I can’t remember exactly when I came up with the saying. Yet, I remember the inspiration for it: The milk does a body good campaign when I was younger. After some quick research that commercial came out in 1986. I remember seeing that ad on TV all throughout the late 80s and early 90s. And the slogan made its way into popular TV shows.

I wanted to create a slogan that was in the same vein in the milk campaign because I wanted something just as iconic. Would it be great if my slogan and design makes history like the milk campaign? Heck yes!

The final reason I made this design because I love bacon and I do believe it does everyone’s bodies good. Plus, bacon is tasty!

How Did I Create The Design?

I get my images from Unsplash and Pexels. The image for the Bacon Does A Body Good design inspiration was to be strips of bacon, I knew that for sure. How many strips I didn’t know. However, the more strips in the image was better than a few. I mean, who just eat 3 or 4 bacon slices? Oh, most people do? Well, maybe I’m just…nevermind.

After some searching I found an image of several bacon slices bundles together and I downloaded it to see if that would work. After some modifications that image worked fantastically! As with all my designs I edited the images in GIMP to add the slogan and do other fixes.

Creating this design didn’t take that long due to its simplicity. Yet, it’s one of my favorite and I wear this t-shirt quite often.

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