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Bacon Burgers Are A Game-Changer
bacon burgers


I love bacon and I love burgers. And I love eating the two together. However, one day I had the bright idea to chop up the bacon and mix it into my ground beer so I could make bacon burgers. So that’s what I did. I threw those suckers on my charcoal grill and minutes later I bite into one of the most juiciest and tastiest burgers I ever made! Here’s why bacon burgers are a game-changer.

My Recipe For Bacon Burgers

To make these awesome burgers you will need the following:

  • Ground meat (you can use beef, bison, pork, or whatever other meat you desire)
  • Bacon (thick cut, thin cut, applewood smoked, hardwood smoked, it doesn’t matter)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

The first step to freeze your bacon ahead of time. Because you will need to cut it up or dice it up to mix into your ground meat. I found that freezing is best because my knife slices through the frozen fat of the bacon better than when it’s cold. You can still cut through cold bacon with a knife but you may find it slippery at times, or that your knife won’t cleanly cut through. Finally, your bacon doesn’t have to be completely frozen. I say let it sit in your freezer for about 30 minutes.

The second step is to prepare your ground meat. Again, the cold the meat the better. Especially if you’re using a fatty ground meat like 80/20 ground beef. It just helps keep the burger solid since you’re going to use your hands to mix it up. At this step you can add in your salt or pepper or you can wait until the burgers are completely done. I choose to season my patties after I take them off the grill.

The third step in making bacon burgers is to take your frozen bacon out and cut it up. How big or small you want your bacon to be is up to you. Once you have your bacon cut up mix it into your ground meat. I like to mix in a little bacon into a portion of meat at a time and make patties that way. When you have all your patties formed you can cook them!

How To Cook Bacon Burgers

You can cook bacon burgers on your grill, in a cast iron skillet, a frying pan, or even bake them in the oven. It just depends how you want to cook them.

I find that getting a good sear on the patties is a sure-fire way to keep them from falling apart. So get your pan or grill as hot at possible!

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