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Another Way To Handle Inflation: Banding Together
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I wrote about inflation previously on my blog before. And I want to discuss the topic again because now gas prices are going to affect the prices for various other goods. Thus, we’re going to pay more than what we paid before (and those prices were already high). So what’s the solution. Is there another way to handle inflation? There is, and it requires us to band together.

Banding Together Is Another Way To Handle Inflation Because You Can Split Up The Costs Regarding Food & Goods

I haven’t talked about it on my blog but I recently moved back to my hometown to help out family. I sold my house, many of my belongings, and moved into a crowded house with other family members. Even though I’m searching for a new house so me and other family members can move into, the process is slow. And though the house is crowded, I am saving more money than I was before. Why? Because there’s more people to divide up the cost of living with. So another way to handle inflation is to split up the costs.

You don’t have to live with a person to do this but it does help. (And I will discuss why later in this article). What I found is that it’s easier to absorb the higher prices for gas and food when there are more people to pitch in money. I’ll take turns to buy groceries, then another time my mom will, or my brother will. Even my grandma will give us money to buy things for the household. Thus, the shock to our purses or wallets isn’t that bad.

I suggest joining other family members or friends or even neighbors to form a group where you buy things in bulk and split up the items. if some individuals earn less than others, create a split that works for everyone. That’s what we do in my family and it’s working out well so far.

Banding Together Is Another Way To Handle Inflation Because You Can Split Up The Costs Regarding Rent Or Mortgage

This tip may not be for everyone, I know this from the start. However, another way of to handle inflation is to live together with family, friends, or even a neighbor in the same apartment or house to split up living costs.

This way you can affording the increasing costs of rent or even your mortgage. Yes, this means you will have to share space with another person. Maybe you will have to share a room with that individual. Yet, this is something millions, if not billions, of people do everyday. Living alone is a luxury I can tell you from experience. Do I miss it? Yes. There are times when I miss my silence, but then I remember how much I’m saving and those feelings evaporate.

Just like the previous tip you need to create a split that works for everyone. If someone can’t pay much toward the rent or mortgage ask him or her to pitch in more with chores like cooking and cleaning. There’s various ways each person can be a benefit to a household besides a financial one.

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