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About The Company

What is Let’s All Meat? How come there’s no meat to purchase from this site? Why is the name is the pun? I’ll explain it all on this page and tell you about the company.

I’m Brittany Gates, the owner and founder of Let’s All Meat, LLC. Yep, those pictures below are me wearing my creations. They are the reasons I created this company.

I created Let’s All Meat because I love graphic t-shirts and I eat primarily meat-based diet. I wanted to showcase my love of both by wearing graphic t-shirts showing cuts of meat or witty slogans. Yet, when I searched online for shirts fitting that description I didn’t find anything interesting. That got me thinking: Could I make my own t-shirt? At first I thought I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to make the graphics to put on the shirt. However, I knew I could learn and where’s the best place to learn nowadays? YouTube!

After watching many videos on YouTube, drawing up designs, finding images I could use to bring my designs to life, and creating those designs in GIMP, I finally created my first t-shirt: Steak Fixes Everything.

Creating that t-shirt pushed me to create more. The ideas for new t-shirts came quickly and I wrote them down. After I created those shirts that got me think: Could I turn my creations into a business? Would people actually buy and wear these t-shirts? After seeing the Carnivore Diet become popular and then part of the mainstream, I decided, yes, I could turn my idea into a business. Let’s All Meat was born!

Why the pun? Well, I think meat is healthy and everyone should eat it. Thus, I wanted to tell people let’s all meet together and eat meat. Finally, I think it’s a good way to stand out from other clothing companies that sell a similar product.

Brittany Gates, owner of Let's All Meat